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Veronica Perasso

Veronica Perasso is an American based fashion model, Social media influencer, Instagram star, adult actress who is famous for sharing her exclusive photos, bikini pictures on social media. The model is highly active on social media and is famous for regularly posting her hot and beautiful pictures on social media.

Below you will find more details about Veronica Perasso like her age, early life, education, Physic, family details, relationship status, hobbies, career, social media details, net worth and complete biography.

Veronica Perasso Birth and Early Life

Veronica Perasso was born on 5th April 1991 in Santa Barbara, CA, United States of America. Her full name is Veronica Perasso and her friends, people close to her call by her nick name Veronica. Her age as of 2022 is 30 years old. She owns American citizenship. She follows Christianity religion. Her zodiac sign according to her date of birth is Aries.

Veronica Perasso has completed her schooling in a private school in Santa Barbara, CA. She has completed her graduation in one of the well recognized university in Santa Barbara. As per the sources She was a good student from her schooling days. Along with education she was also excellent in extracurricular activities in school. It is said that she has participated in many plays and other contests during her school and college days.

During her school and college days Veronica Perasso realized that she is interested in acting and got all the skills. During her college days she decided to become model and actress.

Veronica Perasso early life

Family details

Veronica Perasso has not shared about her family details anywhere. She has kept her personal life out of her professional life. She has not revealed details about her parents anywhere. Because of it exact details about her parents like their name, profession and other information is not available. According to some reports her Father is a businessman and her mother is a house wife.

Veronica Perasso has not shared any information about her sibling as well. She has kept information like number of siblings and their name secretly. Even in her social media profiles we couldn’t find any details about her siblings. Means she has not shared her sibling photos over the internet. According to her behavior it is clear that the young and energetic model is completely focused on her modeling career. It is also true that she is not interested in showcasing her family to this world.

Veronica Perasso Biography

  • Name: Veronica Perasso
  • Age: 30 years old as of 2022
  • Date of Birth: 5th April 1991
  • Place of Birth: Santa Barbara, CA, United States
  • Full Name: Veronica Perasso
  • Nick Name: Veronica
  • Zodiac Sign: Aries
  • School: Private school in Santa Barbara, United States
  • Education: Graduation
  • Nationality: American
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Father’s Name: Not Known
  • Mother’s Name: Not Known
  • Number of Siblings: Not Known
  • Name of Siblings: Not Known
  • Height: 5 feet 4 inch or
  • Weight: 57kg or
  • Eye Color: Dark Brown
  • Hair: Blonde Hair
  • Skin: Fair Skin
  • Body Measurements: 34-28-38 inches
  • Tattoos: No Tattoos
  • Piercing: No Piercing
  • Favorite Color: White
  • Marriage: Unmarried
  • Relationship Status: Single
  • Occupation: Model, Social media influencer, Instagram star, adult movie actress
  • Instagram: 3 million followers
  • Instagram Username: veronicaperasso
  • Instagram profile link:
  • Twitter: 274.4k followers
  • Twitter Username: veronicaperasso
  • Twitter profile link:
  • Onlyfans: 804k followers
  • Onlyfans Username: veronicaperasso
  • Onlyfans profile link:
  • Facebook: More than 30,000
  • Facebook profile link:
  • Net worth: 5 million USD

Veronica Perasso biography


Reason behind Veronica Perasso popularity is her perfect body which is admired by her fans all over the world. People are crazy about her doll like appearance and are crazy about her hot images. Veronica Perasso is 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 57kgs. She has got large beautiful dark brown eyes and blonde hair. Her body measurements are 34-28-38 inches.

When it comes to tattoos Veronica Perasso has no tattoos on her body and she has not done any piercing as well. She is very much focused on her fitness and is a fitness freak. She spends minimum 2 hours in gym exercising. She also practices Yoga and aerobics to keep her body in perfect shape. Her exercising poses on her social media have thrilled her fans.

Veronica Perasso Relationship Status

Looking at her romantic and seducing photos over internet many fans of Veronica Perasso think that she might be in a relationship. Her current relationship status is single and she is not dating anyone.

When it comes to the relationship status of Veronica Perasso, she is not yet married. Her Exact details about her past relationship status are not available. When asked about her marriage or relationship status Veronica Perasso just smiles and doesn’t answer the question.

Veronica Perasso hobbies

Veronica Perasso Hobbies

Veronica Perasso loves travelling. London, Paris, France and Europe are her favorite destinations. During vacation and weekends she likes to explore new places. Beach, mountains are her favorite spots during summer. During her vacation Veronica Perasso prefers to stay in luxury hotels and eats in expensive restaurants.

Veronica Perasso loves cooking healthy foods. She avoids junk food and prefers healthy diet. Pasta, Salads, fruits, juices and sandwich are her favorite foods. She mainly avoids high calorie foods and foods that are rich in carbohydrates. Even though she is non vegetarian she chooses to eat vegetarian diet and eats non vegetarian food occasionally. Veronica Perasso takes too much care about her diet, physical shape and follows all the tips and healthy diet plan suggested by nutritional experts.

Veronica Perasso likes reading fashion related magazines on regular basis. She wants to stay updated about latest trends in fashion world and get connected with modeling world all the time. She also loves sports. Football and soccer are her favorite sports. When it comes to movies she loves all kinds of movies. Especially action, drama and romantic movies are her favorite genres. She has watched ‘Fast and Furious’ all series and is her one of the favorite movie.

The beautiful model likes white and back color. She loves wearing tight fit cloths. Her amazing dressing sense can be seen in her pictures in social media profiles. She is very much interested in music as well and is a huge fan of Justin Biber.


After completing her college Veronica Perasso started posting her stylish and hot photos in social media profiles. Her stunning photos were liked by thousands of people all over the world. Many people stared following her in short time. Within few months she gained thousands of followers on her social media profiles. She got inspired by the huge number of people following her and then she started uploading bold images with captions and started doing reels on Instagram.

Veronica Perasso’s unique poses, sexy pictures gained attention over the internet. Many brands approached her for modeling of their brands. She also got opportunity to act in ads and became an actress as well. She received many projects from various brands for promoting their products. She started promoting many brands related to makeup, lingerie, woman innerwear, bikini products etc. Soon she became one of the top model and celebrity appearing on front page of many magazines.

Currently Veronica Perasso is tied up with many famous companies, modeling agencies for promotion of their products. Apart from modeling she also promotes various brands through Instagram sponsored post.

Veronica Perasso social media

Veronica Perasso Social Media Details

The famous celebrity is having thousands of followers on social media. Veronica Perasso is an Instagram star and social media influencer. She loves sharing her selfie shoots, Instagram reel videos, bikini photos for her fans. Her super hot images which she shares on social media have helped her to gain huge fans all over across the world in short time.

After she started uploading her naughty images on social media she has gained millions of followers within few months. She has got a loving social media circle that always encourages her by liking and sharing her pictures on internet.

Veronica Perasso is having 4.3 million followers on Instagram. Her Instagram username is veronicaperasso.

She is having 274.4k followers on Twitter. Her twitter username is veronicaperass.

She has account in onlyfans website as well where she shares her exclusive content only for her subscribed ones. Her onlyfans account username is veronicaperasso and she is having 804k likes on this profile.

Veronica Perasso is also has got a Facebook page having 30,000+ likes on it.

She also has a profile in Tiktok where she is having 3 million followers. Her videos in Tiktok have been viewed by millions of people.

Veronica Perasso social media profile links are given below.

Instagram profile link:

Twitter profile link:

Onlyfans profile link:

Facebook profile link:

Tiktok profile link:

Veronica Perasso Net Worth

Veronica Perasso mainly earns through modeling. It is her main source of income. She is been brand ambassador for many of the top brands. She promotes bikini wear, lingerie products, makeup and other woman related products through modeling. She has been doing fashion modeling for some of the top companies. Apart from modeling she has also acted in ads, short movies and adult films.

Apart from modeling Veronica Perasso also earns through onlyfans website. In onlyfans website account her fans can find her exclusive photos, sexy pictures and other hot pictures through subscription. She has got thousands of fans in her onlyfans account. The subscription charges in onlyfans account per month is 3.5 USD. Users can subscribe for one month, 3months, 6 months or 12 months.

As we all knew the cute model Veronica Perasso has got millions of followers on her Instagram profile. She also earns through sponsored posts on Instagram. As she tied up with various brands, through her Instagram account she promotes these brands through sponsored posts to her fans and earns commission for it. Apart from modeling, promotions she also acts in adult films and shares her sexy photos, videos on some of the adult websites where her fans can pay and access her exclusive content.

Her estimated net worth from all these sources is 5 million USD.

Veronica Perasso net worth


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Q. What is the age of Veronica Perasso?
A. As of 2022 she is 30 years old.

Q. When did Veronica Perasso born?
A. She was born on 5th April 1991.

Q. Where did Veronica Perasso born?
A. She was born in Santa Barbara, CA, United States of America

Q. What is the nick name of Veronica Perasso?
A. Her nick name is Veronica.

Q. What is the zodiac sign of Veronica Perasso?
A. Her zodiac sign is Aries.

Q. Is Veronica Perasso married?
A. She is not yet married.

Q. What is the relationship status of Veronica Perasso?
A. She is single and not having any boyfriend.

Q. What is her Instagram username?
A. veronicaperasso is her Instagram username.

Q. How many followers she is having on Instagram?
A. As of 2022 she is having more than 4.3 million followers on Instagram.

Q. What is her Twitter username?
A. veronicaperasso is her Twitter username.

Q. How many followers she is having on Twitter?
A. As of 2022 she is having more than 274.4k followers on Twitter.

Q. What is her Tiktok username?
A. veronicaperasso is her Tiktok username.

Q. How many followers Veronica Perasso is having on Tiktok?
A. As of 2022 she is having more than 3 million followers on Tiktok.

Q. What is her onlyfans account username?
A. veronicaperasso is her onlyfans account username.

Q. How many followers she is having on onlyfans account?
A. She is having 804.4k followers on onlyfans account.

Q. What is the net worth of Veronica Perasso?
A. Her estimated net worth is 5 million USD.

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