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2022 Foumovies Free Movies


In this article you will find the complete information about foumovies piracy torrent movie downloading website along with its features, its present domain link, and the reasons why you cannot access foumovies website and other information.

About foumovies

Foumovies is a latest torrent movie downloading website which offers latest Hollywood movies, English movies, South Indian movies, Japanese movies, Chinese movies, Korean movies, TV Shows, Web series. You will find the recently released movies in this website to watch or download.

Features of foumovies

High Quality videos: The great thing about foumovies website is that in this website you will find movies in various resolutions like 480p, 720p, 1080p, 4k resolution. In all these resolutions the quality of the video is good. Depending on the device in which you want to watch the movie or depending on the internet connection one can decide which format to choose.

Small file size : The foumovies offers movies in various sizes starting from 300mb to 2GB. Even though the file size is lower that doesn’t mean that the video will be of less quality. Even though the size of the video file is lower the quality of the video will be of higher resolution. The great thing about foumovies is that there is no compromise in the video quality whichever format you choose.

No need of any account : The best feature of foumovies is that here there are no worries like signup, account creation, registration or login. Without this entire time consuming processes one can easily download the videos in simple steps. Here you do not have to worry about remembering passwords, OTP’s etc. The process is straight forward when you open any particular page you will observe that the movie starts streaming automatically. You will also find download options given below the video.

Variety of content : In foumovies one can find variety of content like Web series, popular TV shows, English movies, Hindi movies, Telugu movies, Tamil movies, Malayalam movies, Chinese movies, Korean movies. There are still many more various type of content is available in this website.

List of content available on foumovies

Below you will find details about the content which is available on foumovies.

  • English movies
  • Action movies
  • Adventure movies
  • Drama movies
  • Horror movies
  • Romantic movies
  • Science Fiction movies
  • Hindi language movies
  • Kannada language movies
  • Tamil language movies
  • Korean movies
  • Chinese movies
  • Japanese movies
  • Hindi dubbed movies
  • Malayalam movies

Latest movies of 2022 leaked on foumovies

Here you will find the list of some of the popular movies leaked on foumovies along with detailed overview of some of the recently leaked movies.

2022 Hollywood movies leaked on foumovies

Jackass Forever foumovies

Jackass forever is a comedy English language movie which was leaked recently on foumovies torrent movie downloading website. Jackass forever is the sequel of Jackass web series. Jackass forever was an entertaining movie which received almost positive reviews from the audience. The audience appreciated the movie story and gave good rating on various portals. The movie made 80.2 million USD at the box office collection. This shows that how the audience received Jackass forever movie. The movie is filled with lot of craziness, surprises and fun. This is what made the people to appreciate the movie.

The story of Jackass forever movie is all about crazy friends who go out and does lot of stupid things. We recommend small kids not to watch the movies as the movie contains some adult content. The adults or parents should take care of their children by explaining them why it is not good for them to watch the movie for children of their age. Also the adults should not watch the movie in front the children. We insist you not to download the movie from foumovies. If you really want to watch the movie then kindly watch it on Over The Top platforms like amazon prime, Netflix or Zee5.

Other English Movies leaked :

Above we saw detailed review of recently leaked Jackass forever Hollywood movie. Below is the list of other English movies that were leaked on foumovies.

  • Moonshot 480p high quality movie
  • The Long Night 720p original quality movie
  • The Legend of La Llorona 480p high quality movie
  • Cheaper by the Dozen 720p original quality movie
  • The Tiger Rising HD print
  • Tyson’s Run original full movie
  • The 355 HD print
  • The Commando 480p high quality movie
  • Redeeming Love HD print
  • Shattered original full movie
  • The King’s Daughter 480p high quality movie
  • The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild original full movie
  • Home Team 720p original quality movie

2022 Bollywood movies leaked on foumovies

radhe shyam-foumovies

Radhe Shyam is a Bollywood which was recently leaked on foumovies. Radhe Shyam is a romantic drama Hindi movie and was one of the high budget Hindi movies of 2022 year. Along with Hindi language the movie was simultaneously released in Telugu language as well. The movie was leaked immediately after its release on foumovies torrent piracy movie downloading website.

After Prabhas’s Baahubali success the audience expectations were high. But the movie could not able to meet the expectations of the audience. The movie failed to attract the audience and disappointed in many sections. The movie received most of the negative reviews and made poor collections at the box office. Many Prabhas fans were disappointed with the story of the movie. Before release it was expected that this love story based movie will create new records in the Bollywood but the movie disappointed many Telugu, Hindi and other language cine fans.

Radhe Shyam movie is all about a palmist Vikramadithya who doesn’t believe in love or relationships. Vikramadithya falls in love after when he meets Prerana. But before the relationship starts both gets into a fight and get separated. Both decide not to meet again in the future and get back to their places. Vikramadithya gets in trouble and many people try to attack him. He escapes and meets with an accident.

Again Vikramadithya meets prerana and finally both become closer and both decide not to fight again. But on the other side many people will be searching for Vikramadithya. To know how Vikramadithya gets out of all these people you have to watch the complete movie. We insist not to download movie from the torrent movie website like foumovies and watch it on the legal platforms.

Other Bollywood movies leaked :

Above we saw detailed review of recently leaked Radhe Shyam Bollywood movie. Below is the list of other Hindi movies that were leaked on foumovies.

  • Badhaai Do HD print
  • Bachhan Pandey original full movie
  • Gangubai Kathiwadi 480p high quality movie
  • Loop Lapeta 720p original quality movie
  • Jhund original full movie
  • Love Hostel HD print
  • Sharaji Namkeen 720p original quality movie

2022 South Indian movies leaked on foumovies

Pogaru foumovies

Pogaru is Kannada language movie which was leaked on foumovies immediately after its release. The movie has Dhruva Sarja, Rashmika Mandanna and many other popular actors from Kannada film industry. Pogaru was one of the blockbuster hit movie of 2022. The movie gained huge positive reviews from the audience. Audience appreciated the songs of the Pogaru movie. The acting of Dhruva Sarja and Rashmika Mandanna was superb. The movie received good ratings across many cinema portals.

If you are interested to watch the movie then we insist you to watch the full movie on Voot OTT platforms. In Voot app you can watch the movie legally without any problems. We insist you not to download the movie from torrent movie downloading websites like foumovies.

The story of the Pogaru movie is all about getting back mothers love. When Hero’s father dies when he was young his mother gets married to another man as the condition of the family was worse. But hero doesn’t like his mother getting married again and he keeps fighting regarding this with his mother. Hero starts hating his new father for marrying his mother. Hero assumes that his father will be separating him from his mother. Will Hero get back to his mother you can check this by watching full movie. It is true that once the movie leaked on foumovies torrent website the earning of movie impacted seriously.

Other Sandalwood movies leaked :

Above we saw detailed review of recently leaked Pogaru sandalwood movie. Below is the list of other Kannada movies that were leaked on foumovies.

  • Love Mocktail 2 HD print
  • Ek Love Ya 480p high quality movie
  • Old Monk original full movie
  • Wedding planners in Bangalore
  • Madagaja 720p original quality movie
  • Home minister original full movie

Is it legal to use foumovies?

No. As foumovies website offers movies, Web series and other pirated content the website is banned by the government. As per the government it is illegal to download or watch pirated content by downloading from these banned websites. Also by accessing these websites your device may face problem through the ads that these websites serve.

We insist you not to access or download any kind of information from the government banned websites. There are lot of legal websites, app available that offer the same content that these banned torrent movie downloading websites are offering illegally.

Is it safe to use foumovies?

No as the website is banned by government you are not allowed to access or download the information from foumovies website. The act is considered as a punishable offense. We request you to be careful before accessing this kind of government banned torrent movie website.

Domain and server details of foumovies

As the government keeps banning these torrent movie websites the owner, team, people behind the foumovies website will keep changing the domain and server on regular basis. This is the reason why the domain name of foumovies getting changed every now and then.

The team behind foumovies will be working very hard to keep the website running. They use high speed servers and latest domain to re-launch the domain continuously.

Foumovies com, foumvies live, foomovies xyz, foumovees tv, foumoviis life, fuumovies live, foumoovies fund, foumovies run, foumovies art are the list of domains that belong to this torrent movie downloading website.

Is foumovies and fou movies are one and the same?

Yes both foumovies and fou movies are one and the same websites. Since people use different keywords to search you will be seeing multiple options. But both these websites are one and the same and are managed by the same people.


The purpose of this article is to review the foumovies torrent movie website and provide you complete details about the website. We do not recommend or promote any torrent websites such as foumovies.

The sole purpose of this post is to warn you about the dangers of using piracy websites along with providing information about why the torrent website is blocked by government and why you should not access it.

Moviesfav requests you not to download or watch any content from the torrent movie websites as it affects the earnings of the movie directly. Kindly watch the movies or web series legally on theatres or OTT platforms. Watching or downloading movies or web series from these types of torrent movie websites affects the job of people those who are working in this field. That’s why government is very much serious about these piracy websites and will be constantly keeping an eye on those who are running this torrent movie websites.

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